Guest Rooms

These are the guest rooms of my house. Click on any of the small images to enlarge it. Please keep in mind that it’s currently not possible to book a specific room. But believe me: they are all nice & cosy. I’ll give you the best room available.

Moskenesøya is the most western of the Lofoten Islands, like this room is the one that is on the west side of my house. This is a classic double room, with a twin and an additional single bed in it. Perfect for a family with a small kid. The room is located on the upper floor, towards the westside of the house.

As Gimsøya is the smallest island of the Lofoten archipelago, this is the smallest guest room in the house. Nevertheless it’s cosy and quiet. From it’s window you have a view towards the lake. The room is located on the ground floor, towards the backside of the house.

Flakstadøya is almost the heart of Lofoten, so is this room located in the centre of my house. You will find it on the upper floor, with garden view and a comfy chair to relax on. A third person can sleep on an installable extra bed. The room is located on the upper floor, towards the front of the house.

Vestvågøya is the second largest of the Lofoten archipelago, so it’s a perfect name for this room, the second largest in the house. At the end of the corridor on the ground floor, with view towards the garden and mountains. I usually give this nice and spacious double room to guests who stay for a little longer.

Other Rooms

These are not really a bookable guest rooms, but I thought you might want to see also the rooms that serve to make my guests feel like home.
The Guest Lounge is located on the first floor. You will love the bright ambience, enjoy the garden view. In the lounge you find a Satellite TV, books and maps in the shelfs along the wall and the best WLAN reception within the whole house. Every now and then my grandchildren will be here on a visit, and they like playing upstairs. Feel free to join them 🙂
The Living Area is the other part of the house open for guests. In the living room you may want to relax or read in the sitting corner, where you also find all the maps and guides needed for your trips and hikes. Or simply enjoy the garden view or have a chat with other guests. Feel free to play the piano, too.
The Dining Room is located on the ground floor. Enjoy the marvellous view towards the backward garden and lake Storfjordvatnet. The breakfast is served here, but very often my guests and I gather around the dining table in the evening for cup of tea, a glass of wine, a nice chat and – every now and then – for a dinner, that we prepare and enjoy together.