The House

This gallery shows the area where I live – the outside of the guesthouse and its close surroundings.

  • View from the front garden
  • View towards the backside garden and the lake
  • View from lake Storfjordvatnet towards the house
  • Lake Storfjordvatnet, directly behind the house
  • Lake Storfjordvatnet and the guesthouse, seen from Hagskaret. In the background: Vågakallen and Henningsvær
  • View from Brasetdalsvatnet to lake Storfjordvatnet and the guesthouse


“My” island on a first glance. In this gallery you’ll find photos of the most picturesque sights of Vestvågøya. None of the locations is more than a half hour drive away. If you want more information about the spots, ask my webmaster Christian. You’ll find his email adress on the Contact page.

  • Uttakleiv beach
  • Church of Borg, seen from the parking lot at the E 10
  • Eggum at midnight in summer
  • Unstad, seen from the old mountain road
  • Green stones at Unstad beach
  • Mærvoll and Tangstadfjord
  • Haukland beach in autumn
  • Viking museum in Borg

Lofoten in Winter

Lofoten can be a winter wonderland, if the weather is nice. Even the long darkness period from November till January has its own charme – you may experience surreal light and complete calmness. And from September til march the Northern Lights. Check out the dedicated page here.

  • Raftsund - wooden holiday house near Digermulen
  • Austvågøya - Svolvær, view from Svinøya during blue hour
  • Austvågøya - Henningsvær lighthouse
  • Austvågøya - view from Henningsvær to Stamsund
  • Austvågøya - Henningsvær lighthouse
  • Austvågøya - Henningsvær harbour
  • Gimsøya - church and cemetry
  • Austvågøya - fishing boat in Austnesfjorden, near Sildpolnes
  • Moskenesøya - Hamnøy harbour, near Reine
  • Flakstadøya - Nusfjord